About Me & My Beetle

I am your basic computer geek. I have loved beetles ever since I was about 10 years old. My aunt bought a Squareback, I got a ride in it. I was hooked from that moment on.

I want to let you know right up front that I am in know way a wrencher. But I am not the least bit scared to get under the hood and tinker with my beloved VW Beetle. I simply read or call friends and have them talk me through the project. I then go out and try it. It may take me a few more hours than most but I atleast get out there and do it

 Pic of Zach standing by Dieter, his right hand drive volkswagen beetle I have owned Dieter since June 14, 2004, and have slowly started working on making it a resto-custom beetle.

I had to start out with the usual - rust on the pan. So I replaced both sides and then I had it powdercoated - steel grey, some time later on. When I got it back I started installing all the goodies that I have been buying. Here's the list of what I did to the pan

  • new pan halves
  • powdercoating
  • New master cylinder & brake lines
  • Disc brakes on all four corners.
  • all new rubber for pan
  • 5in. Narrowed beam
  • 2 1/2in. dropped spindles

Before I got the pan finished, I had converted the car to RHD. I got the parts from Australia. It wasn't that hard to do. Just cut and weld in a new dash, and add holes to the tunnel to swap out the pedal assembly and a new hole for the master cylinder.

Then I “LEADED” in the holes for the side and hood trim.

I bought some new headlights for the beetle. They have a fog light built into the bottom and a parking light at the top. I used the fog light for a turn signal since I shaved the original turn signals off the fenders. I also shaved off the side gas door and moved the gas filler to the hood where the VW emblem once was. I just need to find a shop to mod my tank for the new filler location. The new filler cap is from a 1970 Dodge Charger.

The next thing I did was to get pop-outs for the car. Got them and then torn them apart and put new rubber on them. Both glass to frame rubber and outer frame rubber. While I had the windows torn apart, I had the frames powdercoated - steel grey. I also had the windows sandblasted with the Australian VW logo -- The VW logo with a kangaroo on each side of it. I also added some cool sports mirrors with turn signals built into to them high up on the A pillar. You can see them in the picture on this page.

While waiting for the pop-outs to come back. I installed the new wiring harness. It went in fairly easy. Especially since I'm a computer geek and not a wrencher. It took me about 6 hours over 3 days to complete the install. I am very happy with the new setup.

Okay I got everything back and started putting everything back together. I got it all back together. Then It just sat while I decided upon what to do for an engine. I finally decide to go for a new engine. I talked to lots of friends and checked out lots of different setups. I decided to go with a company and have them build my dream engine. Its a 1776 with dual 40's, a Porsche fan kit, full flow oil system.

Been driving it as much as I can while deciding upon the next phase of the build. Power pop-outs and more powdercoated parts. Power Pop-outs you say, yep - I started a new mod to the beetle that I haven't seen yet. It makes opening and closing them so much easier. The new powder coated parts are the vent wings and trim around the door windows.

While working on the power pop-outs, I had already started think and planning on the next mods - shaved/suicide doors & frenched in dual power antenna's.

Then all I have to do is get the body prepped for paint and install the interior and new old-style bumpers.



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